A cemetery memorial can continue to show your sympathy and love. Here, at Bishop’s, we have a wide variety to help you remember your loved ones with each season. Let us create heartfelt arrangements for your loved ones, and no matter the design, you can count on the finest seasonal flowers at a price range comfortable for you. We strive to provide flowers that are specifically designed for the cemetery and the funeral home. Give us a call today at  (662) 844-3410

Need your cemetery arrangements placed? We can take care of that for you!

For $10.00 more, we will place them at cemeteries in the local area.  Please ask about cemetery placement outside the local area.

We are happy to work with our customers!

Silk Clamps

(Starting at $30 + )

Silk Vase Inserts

(Starting at $25 + )

Silk Baskets

(Starting at $30 + )